The Summer House

The Hilltop Suites is the best place to watch an Ithaca sunset!

The Hilltop Suites is the best place to watch an Ithaca sunset!

The Summer House at the Stone Quarry House is like no other place to stay in Ithaca…  it can best be described as mixing medieval Nordic luxury, arts-and-crafts artistry, and very modern green technology.

Perched at the top of the hill, the main building features an expansive 1,200 square foot wrap-around deck planked with Brazilian Ipe (our one concession to non-local materials) where you can take in the stunning views. This is the best spot we know of to watch an Ithaca sunset or catch the magical fireflies on a July night.


Inspired by ancient Nordic farms, the buildings of the Summer House cluster together, joined by a four foot pink granite walkway and a 1,200 square foot deck.  They are  timber frame structures with flagstone roofs. The interior walls of the main living cabin are stone slabs from the floor to the windows and windows to the roof line.  Exposed wood framing contributes to the warm rustic atmosphere. Floor to ceiling windows give you every inch of the view out over the valley to the north.  You can see twenty miles up the Lake on a clear day.  Duran Van Doren was commissioned to create whimsical wrought iron and mica lighting unlike any you’ve seen. An efficient Yotel wood stove with a glass door takes the chill off in the spring and late fall.  Envelop yourself in the luxuries of an older, more elemental age!


Custom wrought-iron details maintain the Old-World flavor.

The expansive deck and granite walkway join the other two buildings that make up the suite. The bathhouse features honed Colorado sandstone to form the shower, a bluestone floor and a bluestone sink.  All details are meticulously finished in custom wrought iron, stone, and wood.

The third building the bedroom retreat. Covered in down (or hypoallerginic) comforters, soft pillows, and organic sun-bleached bedding, here you will find a restful retreat that truly transports you. Its high windows bathe the room in light while maintaining privacy. The granite slab stone steps at your doorway welcome you to sit and enjoy an early morning cup of coffee or tea, or an afternoon libation.


photo-hilltop-suite-ecological-flagstone-roofHigh tech ecological features are built into every aspect of the Hilltop Suite. We used local natural and untreated building materials such as Hemlock, stone, and iron. The site placement ensures soft breezes blow even on the hottest days, keeping the buildings naturally cool. There are also fans in each building to assure your comfort.  The buildings are not insulated, so this is a three season location unless you are a hard core winter camper.


Solar panel arrays power the modern amenities of the cabins. The wood stove is both efficient and beautiful, providing the warm radiating heat we crave when evenings grow crisp and cold.

Were very pleased to be able to offer this unique place to stay in Ithaca to our guests. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!