What makes SQH an eco-friendly place to stay in Ithaca?

Eco-friendly places to stay in Ithaca start here at Stone Quarry House. Were proud of our many sustainable technologies and the small ecological impact we achieve without sacrificing comfort.

Our extensive solar panel arrays (28,000 watts) power all our lodgings. Two very modern Composting Toilets save an astonishing amount of water. We recently installed an advanced rainwater cistern at our newest place to stay, the Hilltop Suite. The tower cottage is  super insulated and heated and cooled with a heat pump (which I’ll never be able to explain, but maybe Buzz can).   The stone cottage and tower cottage have on-demand hot water heaters, while the hillside suites takes it one better by having an on-demand heat pump hot water heater.


The Hilltop Suites are cooled with fans, shade trees, and their location on the hilltop with nearly constant breezes.

Rounding out our eco-friendly practices are our homesteading, organic gardening and food preservation, and use of food-scraps composting throughout our lodgings.  If our dogs won’t eat the left-overs, the chickens or ducks probably will.  if not the poultry, the worms in our vermiculture bins (which make absolutely wonderful compost in record time) will probably enjoy your old food scraps. If the worms are overwhelmed (or if the scraps are tomato and citrus rich) we compost them in the compost bins ‘around back’ – nothing goes to waste!

Ithaca also has an extensive recycling program to keep the landfill from filling up any quicker than necessary.  We have signage in each of the spaces, and we are happy to help you sort out what goes where.

We’re proud of our efforts and are continuing to improve and implement even more green technology. If you’re into green technology too we love to ‘talk shop’. Grab us on your next visit – maybe you’ll be able to explain heat pump technology to me!