Best Way to Ithaca College

Ithaca College, on Ithaca’s South Hill, has several entrances. Deciding on the best route depends on what you need to find.

New undergraduate signin? You’ll want to take the main entrance. The simplest way to the Ithaca College main entrance is to take Ellis Hollow Road (left out of the driveway and left at the stop sign) two miles to Mitchell Street (just go straight through the traffic light and you will be on Mitchell Street.  Continue on Mitchell Street merging with traffic when Route 366 joins Mitchell Street.  Turn right onto Route 79/State Street/Martin Luther King Street.  Go straight until you reach the Commons, and then turn left to go up North Aurora Street/Route 96.  The Ithaca College main entrance is about one mile up the hill.


Returning student or teacher? Their less well known back entrance is a more direct route from Stone Quarry House, and gets you closer to their prime parking areas and you can avoid downtown Ithaca and the traffic there! Turn left out of the driveway, and left again onto Ellis Hollow Road.  Continue through the traffic light and turn left at the stop sign on Cornell Street, just before the Belle Sherman school.  Continue straight ahead and cross Route 79, down the hill and over the bridge, turning left at the first opportunity.  Turn left at the stop sign onto Hudson Street.  Hudson Street ends at Coddington Road, where you turn left.  The Ithaca College back entrance is on the right off of Coddington Road.


All of this sounds complex, but it is really a short five (or ten?) minute drive.