Food-scraps composting at our lodgings

Here at Stone Quarry House one of the many ways we reduce the carbon footprint of our establishment is through food scraps composting. This simple step minimizes waste going to the landfill, and provides valuable soil amendment to our organic gardens.

Each place to stay is provided with a lidded compost bin fitted with a compostable lining. Just place your leftover food scraps in the bin and set it outside your door.  Our cleaning staff will take care of the rest!

Some of the scraps go to the chickens and ducks, and some to the worms in the vermiculture bins.  After the scraps break down for in the vermiculture bins for a month or so, or in the outdoor composting bins for a year or so, we spread the new, rich soil on our garden beds. Take a walk through the vegetable garden to see your food scraps in action.