It’s been almost two years since I last posted!  In that time we’ve decided to transform four of our short-term rentals to annual rentals.  It’s made the management of the property much easier and allowed me to stay close to each aspect of offering the three remaining short term rentals.

We’ve expanded two of the three post and beam houses with staircases that make the finished basements really usable space.  We’ve also re-sided them to increase the insulation value and tighten them up a bit.  They really look lovely.  Buzz learned so much in the years he has been building post and beam houses, and these upgraded prototypes have benefited from all that experience.

Next door to the post and beam houses, we are adding a new charming little house with a stand up loft, a cozy ‘tiny house’ first floor with a bathroom, kitchen and dining area, and a living room/bedroom walk-out basement with a great view of the valley.  My first thought when I walked into the building was, “I could live here!”  Though I didn’t tell my husband that!  It’s his dream to simplify, and I’m not sure I’m completely ready for that level of simple living!

As Buzz’s business has changed, he realized he is ready to retire – though he anticipates he will stay busy with odd jobs here and there.  We decided to sell most of the upper portion of the property, with the three post and beam houses and the brand-new little house.  We are also offering a beautiful building lot of 2.26 acres next door to the post and beam houses up on the ridge.  The views are stupendous!

We have mixed feelings about the sales- we love the location and the buildings, and we have great people living there now, but the sale will give Buzz more options as he ends his involvement in the post and beam house building business.

We are keeping the summer house, the stone cottage and the tower cottage for short term rentals – or extended stays.  We look forward to continuing to welcome new guests and welcoming back returning guests for many years!