Oh, My Goodness!  I read that social media is known for showing people’s highlights, not their difficulties – but the struggles and mistakes are so much more interesting. 😉  A blog post should probably tell a story too, and this is more of a cry of the heart expressing my bewilderment at the process, and a bit of an apology for my lack of skill . . .

I’ve decided to try an automated reservation management system, but setting it up is such a headache!  It must be time to leave the dark ages (and my coloring book calendars)and enter the 21st century, allowing guests to confirm a reservation directly without having to engage in a long correspondence with me.  Maybe it would even simplify things on my end, leaving me more time to wash sheets,  weed the gardens, work on finishing a page in the coloring book, etc.


But I know so little about how to go about such things and the questions the tech folks ask me use vocabulary that used to mean one thing and now apparently means something else – I need a dictionary for computer literacy.  It’s astounding how incompetent I am or how non-intuitive this process is!

`Another website I visit often just changed the system they use to interact with clients online, (see, I don’t even know what that is called) and I think it provoked a similar level of confusion for them, so maybe I’m not alone in this suffering. 😦

Here is my hope that it will be resolved soon, and my thanks for the patience of our guests who have tolerated my longwinded explanations of availability and descriptions of the property over the years.  Hopefully the transition will be made quickly, before anyone can make a double booking or be turned away unnecessarily.  Wish me luck!