At last, the first post and beam house is completed! 😀  We are still waiting for the lawn to come in, and the wire for the deck railings hasn’t arrived yet, but the interior is completed and it’s been added to website with a page of it’s own.

In September 2015, I made the mistake of showing Buzz, the man responsible for dreaming up and constructing the rental spaces at the Stone Quarry House, a documentary about a relatively inexperienced young man building his own tiny house.  At the time, Buzz was experiencing a bout with the flu and feeling miserable, and I thought this might cheer him up – after all, he was such a better builder than this young man and it’s nice to feel superior when you are feeling down.  Only a few minutes into the show, I realized my mistake.  “I can do better than this!” – his competitive juices were stoked!

Buzz sat down and drew up plans for his own ‘tiny’ house, which for the sake of building codes is probably a ‘small’ house, rather than a ‘tiny’ house.  But that is all for the good for our guests.  Those extra feet allow for efficient use of space without the cramped feeling of an RV.

Buzz is so excited about the idea that he has brought in other local friends, landowners and investors, and started a new business building ‘Tiny Timbers’ post and beam houses of his design – and he is collaborating with a local architect to make the drawings ‘official’.  Now that he has plans to build at least forty Tiny Timbers homes in Varna and Ithaca, I think I won’t have to worry about any new building projects here at the Stone Quarry House for some time!

It’s tough to decide which of the spaces I like the best – often it’s the newest one and I am very fond of this one.  Buzz wants to give up the main house and move in there!  I like all of the spaces, and I hope you’ll get a chance to try them all too and let us know which is best for you. 😉