Metropolitan Opera in Ithaca?


Front row seats to live shows at the Metropolitan Opera? In Ithaca? You bet.

As an opera lover, one of my favorite Ithaca activities is catching live Met shows via simulcast at our local Ithaca Regal movie theater. Its not quite like the real thing… sometimes its better! Every seat in the house is a good one, the sound is excellent, and I can nosh on popcorn while I watch!

If you also enjoy an evening with Puccini, Mozart, Verdi, or Bizet then plan an evening at the movies during your stay in Ithaca. Coming up next are Le Nozzi di Figaro in October, and Carmen in November.

Here is an older but good article on the pros and cons of simulcast Opera vs. the real thing:

“Ithacating” vs. The Spring


Spring of 2014 may go down in history as one of the most beautiful that Ithaca has ever seen. We had a slow start, we worried winter would never break, but once the great lakes melted it turned to perfect ‘pea-weather’ as they say around here, just enough rain and sun in the right proportions, warm and mild to a fault (and perfect for growing snap peas in case you were wondering)

Ithaca is often maligned for its frequent rain (the Cornell students call it “ithacating”). But all that rain, fog, and general moisture is worth it… it gives us the explosion of green and flowers that we’ve been reveling in all spring.

So… heres to the cold winters, nourishing snows, and everlasting rain and the beauty it leaves in its wake. Heres to Ithacating!

Incredibly Green! Our newest apartment is an eco-dream



Our newest apartment, the Tower Cottage, is one were very proud of for its small environmental footprint and I wanted to write more in-depth about its green features.

It’s small, and thats a good thing :-). Small means doing more with less. For example fewer materials were used, but we used only the highest quality handmade tiles, stone, custom wrought iron, and hardwoods. And by cleverly using the space it takes less energy to heat in summer and cool in winter while maintaining all the amenities and luxuries of a stay at the Stone Quarry House.

We sited the Tower among the trees to make use of their natural cooling effect. Putting the bedroom at the highest point of the structure naturally gathers the heat during colder months, while plenty of windows means a refreshing breeze during the summer.

The Tower Cottage is also powered by the Solar array near the pond. This array, put up in ____ , produces more electricity than we use at SQH.

But the most exciting green technology in the Tower is… wait for it… the toilet! It’s a waterless composting toilet and uses very interesting technology. [explain here].



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